OES Electronic Newsletter Vol. 11, No. 1 OES Electronic Newsletter Volume 11, Number 5, Sept. 21, 2014

IEEE Annual Election closes Oct. 1st.  Vote!  This means you!

IEEE depends on the participation of its members.  Do you care what happens toa nd what you receive for your membership dollar?  Then vote here:  http://www.ieee.org/about/corporate/election/index.html

Note that the sitting OES President, Rene Garello, is running for IEEE Division IX Delegate Elect/Director Elect.

How did it happen that Mr. Garello became OES President, and now a candidate?  He started by volunteering in a small way.  Through time, his contributions grew, and he learned about the IEEE and OES.  He had ideas about how things should be done.  Now he is OES President thanks to your vote.

You too can get involved.  It starts by voting.  Then helping out (contact your editor or any OES AdCom or ExCom to get more involved in OES).

OES Officer Election Results

The following are the results of elections held at the OES Administrative Committee meeting in St. John's, NL, Canada:
  • President:  Rene Garello to remain in office
  • Vice President of Technical Activities:  Ken Foote to remain in office
  • Secretary:  Marinna Martini replaces Christian de Moustier
  • Vice President of Conference Operations:  Diane Di Massa replaces Todd Morrison
For information about these positions, see:  http://www.ieeeoes.org/page.cfm/cat/26/Governing-Documents/

Current, Waves and Turbulence Measurement Workshop (CWTM) Abstracts Due - Oct. 3, 2014

St. Petersburg, FL, USA, 2-6 Mar. 2015:  “Quality from End to End“  In today’s world, there have been many changes in the science and technology of current, waves and turbulence measurement.  Sensors are linked to real-time data telemetry, QA, archiving, processing, and distribution systems and what happens to data in these systems is as important as making good measurements.

The objectives of the CWTM Workshop are to provide the ocean community with a forum for technical information exchange and to promote coordination among those concerned with measuring current, waves and turbulence.  Our goal is to ensure that the CWTM Workshop remains the “go-to” forum for people who need to know how to measure ocean motions and how to translate those measurements into meaningful information.

Details at:  http://cwtmc2015.org/main.cfm/CID/3/Call-for-Papers/

Seabed and Sediment Acoustics, Bath, UK, 7-9 Sept., 2015, Call for papers due 9 Mar., 2015

Seabed and Sediment Acoustics: Measurements and Modelling Organised by the Underwater Acoustics Group University of Bath 7-9 September 2015.  In 2005, the University of Bath hosted the successful international conference “Boundary Influences in High Frequency, Shallow Water Acoustics”.  This was the 3rd conference in a series of UK seabed acoustics international conferences, the previous meetings being held in 1983 and 1993. The many advances in the field over the last decade make it appropriate to hold another conference to discuss the latest research and applications.

Details at:  https://ioa.org.uk/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=64

Volunteering for your Society - we need you!

Yes, this is your Society, the Oceanic Engineering Society, and you are needed.

Your editor has just returned from the OES Administrative Committee meeting in St. John's, NL, Canada.  One thing was very clear - we need help.  OES is an all-volunteer organization.  We have no paid staff (and there are reasons to keep it this way).  
  • Do you want to know why - or to participate in how OCEANS and other workshops are located, planned and executed where they are and as they are?  
  • Do you have ideas about how this newletter can be done better?  Your editor is seeking a replacement (see elections above).  
  • Do you think we should be more involved in online outreach?  There is an effort to do that going on now.
  • Do you think we should be doing more for students?  
  • Do you want to get involved with your OES Journal?  We need reviewers and more!
  • Would you like to contribute articles to the OES Beacon or Earthzine?  We're interested!
  • Want to know where the money goes?  Want to *influence* where the money goes?  Get involved!
These, and many other issues, can be answered by getting involved in your professional home, the Oceanic Engineering Society.
Other deadlines:
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OES Earthzine online publicaton:  http://www.earthzine.org/

OES Job Board:  Listings:  http://ieeeoes.org/jobs, Submissions:  http://ieeeoes.org/jobs/submission.cfm

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