OES Electronic Newsletter Vol. 11, No. 1 OES Electronic Newsletter Volume 11, Number 7, Nov. 27, 2014

  • OCEANS'15 MTS/IEEE Genova, Italy, May 18-21, 2015, Abstract submission deadline extended to 19 Dec., 2014 !
  • Earthzine launched its new website

OCEANS'15 MTS/IEEE Genova, Italy, May 18-21, 2015, Abstract submission deadline extended to 19 Dec., 2014 !

Jointly sponsored by the Marine Technology Society (MTS) and IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society (OES), the Oceans'15 Conference and Exhibit is the major international forum gathering together scientists, engineers, responsible ocean users and decision makers to present their cutting-edge research results, ideas, and applications in Oceanic Engineering and Marine Technology. The exchange of knowledge and the opportunities offered to new fruitful collaborations are crucial to the development of innovative technologies to meet the Blue Growth Challenge: harness the huge potential of the world-wide oceans for jobs and growth in a sustainable, environmentally conscious, and responsible way.

Extended Abstracts must be submitted on-line within the December 19 deadline through the abstract submission page as .pdf files, in free format.

Authors of accepted abstracts will then be asked to finalize the abstract in a full paper, IEEE Conference style, for final submission (deadline: March 27 2015).

Details at:  http://www.oceans15mtsieeegenova.org/

Earthzine launched its new website

Earthzine is an online source for news, articles, information and educational materials about Earth science, Earth observations and users of Earth information for the international Earth-observing community. Earthzine is updated regularly with news from around the world about the Earth, Earth observations, environmental policy, and new and emerging environmentally-friendly and earth-observing technologies.

Earthzinze just launched its new website. Visit the new website and enjoy a lot of really cool contents.


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