OES Electronic Newsletter Volume 12, Number 7, Sep. 8, 2015

  • OES International Outreach Increasing
  • OCEANS' 16 MTS/IEEE Shanghai, Apr. 10-13, 2016 - Abstract due Nov. 15

OES International Outreach Increasing

The Oceanic Engineering Society is reaching out to more international destinations to recruit new members. As a media partner with Oceanology International '15 China, OES is working to increase our exposure in China. This is important as we will be holding the OCEANS '16 Shanghai conference there next April. Also, following our successful membership drive at Oceanology International '14 in London, we will again be exhibiting at OI '16 in London next March. Be sure to stop by our booth.

Oceanology International China, Nov. 3-5, 2015

OCEANS' 16 MTS/IEEE Shanghai, Apr. 10-13, 2016 - Abstract due Nov. 15

Every spring, the Marine Technology Society and the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society sponsor OCEANS Asia/Europe, a prestigious conference/exhibition that draws hundreds of international attendees.
The Venue Shanghai International Convention Center has high reputation both at home and abroad for holding large-scale international conferences and expansive meeting and exhibition space with riverside view; and is convenient to major airports and local attractions and modern.
Details at:  http://oceans16mtsieeeshanghai.org/

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