OES Electronic Newsletter Volume 9, Number 8

Upcoming OCEANS '12 MTS/IEEE Conference in Hampton Roads, VA (Oct. 14-19, 2012)

OCEANS '12 MTS/IEEE Hampton Roads, VA, Oct. 14-19, 2012 - Registration is now open.

Job board update

There is a new job posted at the OES web site (http://www.ieeeoes.org/jobs/).
If you are advertising a position, you can now fill in an online form to submit it to the job board:  http://ieeeoes.org/jobs/submission.cfm

The July issue of The Beacon is now online

This is your society's newsletter of record.  This issue has a memoriam for Professor Carey, recognizes the 100'th anniversary of the Titanic's sinking, many new members, highlights from recent conferences, winners of the student poster and paper competitions, election results and more.  
Read all about it at http://www.ieeeoes.org/userfiles/files/oes_NL_Jul2012_web.pdf

OCEANS '12 MTS/IEEE Hampton Roads, VA, Oct. 14-19, 2012 - Registration is now open

OCEANS 2012’s theme, Harnessing the Power of the Ocean, has as its foundation a conceptual National Ocean Enterprise and its seven societal benefits as identified by the National Ocean Partnership Program’s legislation in 1999, followed by President’s Bush’s Ocean Action Plan and President Obama’s Ocean Science  Policy. The seven societal benefits are:

  • Improving predictions of climate change and weather, their effects on coastal communities and the nation
  • Improving the safety and efficiency of marine operations
  • Mitigating the effects of natural hazards
  • Improving national and homeland security
  • Reducing public health risks
  • Protecting and restoring healthy coastal marine ecosystems
  • Enabling the sustained use of marine resources

Details at http://www.oceans12mtsieeehamptonroads.org/index.cfm

OCEANS 2012 MTS/IEEE Yeosu, South Korea

OCEANS at Yeosu (http://www.oceans12mtsieeeyeosu.org/)  was timed to coincide with the World Expo, which was recently written up in the New York Times travel section:  http://travel.nytimes.com/2012/06/10/travel/in-south-korea-all-roads-lead-to-yeosu-host-of-the-world-expo.html?pagewanted=all

Other deadlines:

  • OCEANS '12 MTS/IEEE Hampton Roads, VA, Oct. 14-19, 2012 - Early registration and tuitorial registration close, papers due on 31 Aug., 2012

Upcoming OES Event Calendar Items

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