OES Electronic Newsletter Vol. 1, No. 10

2004 IEEE OES Homeland Security Technology Workshop Ocean and Maritime Technologies for Infrastructure Protection Valley Forge Convention Center at the Radisson, Valley Forge, PA December 6, 2004 (Monday Evening Reception) December 7 and 8, 2004 (Tues and Wed Program; Tues Evening Reception and Dinner)

The IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society (IEEE-OES) Homeland Security Technology Workshop, co-sponsored by the NAVSEA Warfare Center- Newport, provides an unprecedented opportunity to network with engineers, scientists, legal experts, and local, state, and federal government personnel who all share Homeland Security challenges. Emphasis is placed on Homeland Security Underwater and Maritime Infrastructure Protection, including biological and eco-system impact, and Port and Harbor Security.

For more information including Registration and Schedule of Events http://www.oceanicengineering.org (click on "Conferences & Workshops" and select IEEE-OES Homeland Security Ocean and Maritime Technology Workshop)

Points of Contact:
Pam Hurst (Conference Chair) 401-481-3828 e-mail: pjhurst@ieee.org
Siobhan Kern 401-832-1253 e-mail: kernsh@npt.nuwc.navy.mil
Yael Handel 401-849-8900 x578 e-mail: yhandel@amaltd.com

For information on other OES activities, go to http://www.oceanicengineering.org

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