OES Electronic Newsletter Vol. 2, No. 10. April 28, 2005

OCEANS '05 Europe is fast approaching.

The first of two OCEANS Conferences in 2005 will be held from June 19 to June 23 in the City of Brest, France, the most oceanic city in Europe. A wonderful Conference in beautiful Bretagne awaits you.

In addition to a fine technical program and a chance to meet with colleagues from around the world, attendees are invited to participate in a sailing cruise, enjoy wine tasting (hey, it's France!), visit the Jules Verne exhibit (remember 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea?), and much more!

Registration has been open for a while. Point your browser to http://www.oceans05Europe.org and click on Registration.

See you at OCEANS 2005 in Brest!

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