OES Electronic Newsletter Vol. 2, No. 14. May 27, 2005

OES Master Calendar Needs Your Inputs

As the OES grows in size and activities, an increasing number of key dates and events need to be posted and tracked. There have been recent incidences of key dates conflicting with each other due to a lack of coordination. To facilitate event planning and to minimize potential conflicts in the future, we plan to keep a master calendar of OES events, including upcoming conferences & workshops, nomination/election dates, and anything else noteworthy.

Initially we plan to publish the calendar in either the OES Newsletter or E- Newsletter with the intent of migrating it to the OES website later.

To get the calendar started, we need your inputs of dates for conferences and any other key events you are involved with, as far into the future as possible. Please submit these to Enson Chang (echang@dynatec.com) as soon as they become available. Thank you very much for your support.

For information on other OES activities, go to http://www.oceanicengineering.org

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