OES Electronic Newsletter Volume 2, Number 29, December 13, 2005

OES Electronic Newsletter Vol. 2, No. 29 Marine Systems and Technology Conference (MAST).

The OES announces the Marine Systems and Technology Conference in Nice, France, 4-6 September 2006. The MAST conference provides a global forum for maritime capabilities, concepts, and technology.

Conference themes are currently include:
   Maritime contribution to joint operations in the Littoral
   Maritime strategies for new security environments
   Sea-basing and Joint force collaboration
   Interoperability and Open system architecture
   COTS technology transition to Defence
   Net-Centric Warfare

Technology to be addressed includes:
   Mission Systems
   Network Enabled Capabilities
   Sensors and Weapons
   Platform Design
   Maritime Security

For more information on this conference, go to http://www.mastconfex.com

For information on other OES activities, go to http://www.oceanicengineering.org

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