OES Electronic Newsletter Volume 2, Number 30, December 28, 2005

OES Electronic Newsletter Vol. 2, No. 30 OES Adcom election results for the class of 2006-08.

From the OES President, Jim Barbera:

The following individuals have been elected by the OES membership to serve as Administrative Committee members for 2006-2008. Rene Garello Malcom Heron Fred Maltz Milica Stojanovic John Watson Bob Wernli

As the president of the OES I would like to extend my congratulations to each of the newly elected Adcom. I am sure you will join in with the sitting members to further the ambitious agenda that the society has embarked on. Please forward your contact info to Todd to have it placed on our web site. looking forward to your active participation in the society goverance. Thanks for getting involved. Jim

James T. Barbera Sr.
President, OES SMIEEE
301.460.4347 (V)
301.871.3907 (F)

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