OES Electronic Newsletter Volume 2, Number 32, December 28, 2005

OES Electronic Newsletter Vol. 2, No. 32 IMPORTANT message Re: Oceans 2006 - Singapore

Members of the OCEANS Conference Community,

As you may be aware, the servers hosting the OCEANS web sites were attacked on Saturday, December 17. Our team at Veraprise brought new servers online that weekend and we have worked with them through the holidays to restore operations and data for all of the OCEANS web sites. This effort has been largely successful.

However, we have been unable to restore all of the abstracts submitted to OCEANS 2006 IEEE Singapore web site.

If you have previously submitted an abstract for OCEANS 2006 IEEE Singapore, please send an email to info@oceans06asiapacific.org.

In the email, please:

1) Place the phrase "Singapore Abstract Verification" in the SUBJECT line
2) Include the FULL NAME of the CORRESPONDING AUTHOR in the body of the email
3) Include the TITLE of the ABSTRACT in the body of the email

We will let you know if we have the complete abstract or if you need to re-submit the information. We apologize for the inconvenience and greatly appreciate your patience and assistance. The OCEANS 2006 IEEE Singapore site will remain open for abstract submissions through Friday January 6, 2006. Because the site was down for several days during the recovery, new abstract submissions will be gladly accepted.

Please share this announcement with your colleagues.

See You in Singapore - The Next Frontier,

John Potter and Arjuna Balasuriya
General Chairs
OCEANS 2006 IEEE Singapore

Wijerupage Sardha Wijesoma and Wan Chunru
Technical Program Chair
OCEANS 2006 IEEE Singapore

Archie Todd Morrison III
OCEANS Conferences Web Sites

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