OES Electronic Newsletter Vol. 2, No. 9. April 7, 2005

The exhibition at the 2005 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) has increased this year by 12,250 net square feet of exhibit space, with a greater international presence. The OTC '05 exhibit takes place 2-5 May at Reliant Center at Reliant Park in Houston.

For 2005, the combined indoor and outdoor exhibits total 410,000 net square feet, up from 397,750 NSF in 2004. OTC continues to be recognized as having one of the largest and most globally representative exhibitions in the E&P industry. This year, a total of 2,087 exhibiting companies represent 32 countries are expected.

"We were able to add 192 new companies this year by reconfiguring the exhibit floor after removing the shuttle in the back of the hall," said OTC '05 Chairman Rod Allan. "We also have an increased international presence this year on the exhibit floor - more than 660 companies from outside the US will be exhibiting, totaling 99,000 square feet. OTC continues to be the only annual event representing all regions of the offshore industry with attendees from more than 110 nations and exhibitors from more than 30 countries."

The outdoor exhibits total 22,300 NSF this year, compared to 18,350 square feet in 2004. Two designated areas in the outdoor exhibition will feature live music and a variety of daily entertainment.

A complete list of exhibitors is available at www.otcnet.org/2005.

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