OES Electronic Newsletter Volume 3, Number 18, July 20, 2006

AUV '06 Brest, France, October 18-20

The IEEE series of conferences on Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) started in the early 1990s (AUV’90 in Washington DC) and was held every other year since. This year, AUV'06 will be held in Brest, FRANCE, October 18-20, 2006 and the workshop will focus on "AUV Navigation” and will revolve around three main sessions:

Session 1: Acoustic positioning systems
Session 2: Non-acoustic positioning systems
Session 3: AUV networks

Session 4 will be a roundtable on the future of AUV navigation 20 years from now.

Please, let us know if you intend to attend the workshop as an attendee and/ or if you’d like to present a paper. The number of papers is limited to 18, and overall attendance cannot exceed 60 working participants.

Formal registration will be available on-line by early September, so do not hesitate to already reserve your seat, so to speak.

For more information, go to: http://www.auv06.org/

Looking forward to meeting you in Brest,

René Garello,
Workshop chairman

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