OES Electronic Newsletter Volume 3, Number 19, July 21, 2006

JOE Special Issue on Synthetic Aperature Sonar

Call for Papers

Announcing a Special Issue on Advances and Applications in Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS)for the October 2007 issue of the IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering.

Guest Editors:

Daniel D. Sternlicht, Applied Signal Technology, Inc.
Per Espen Hagen, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI)

In recent years, synthetic aperture beamforming techniques have reached a level of sophistication such that imaging sonars utilizing this technology have gained market entry. The ability to create wide swath high-resolution seafloor images is predicted to bring transformational changes to the undersea battlespace and provide extended capabilities for environmental surveys and offshore exploration.

Manuscripts are requested that describe recent original developments in SAS sensor design, processing methodology, and applications. Specific topics of interest include:
- Techniques for beamforming, motion compensation and autofocusing
- Sediment and ocean volume imaging
- Interferometry and high resolution seafloor bathymetry
- Advances for long range active and passive sonar
- Bistatic approaches
- Real-time system development
- Applications for unmanned undersea vehicles
- Integration with inertial navigation system
- Synergy with complementary sensors
- Computer aided detection and classification
- Post-mission analysis

Manuscripts must be submitted online by December 1, 2006 at http://joe.msubmit.net where authors may find all the necessary formatting and submission information.

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