OES Electronic Newsletter Volume 3, Number 30 IEEE/OES

Oceans/EurOcean '07 Aberdeen, Scotland

IEEE/OES Oceans 07 Conference and EC EurOcean 2007 will take place 18-21 June 2007 in Aberdeen, Scotland. This is the first time the event has been brought to the UK and with Aberdeen's strong history and connection to the ocean a very interesting and memorable experience is sure to be had. The theme 'Marine
Challenges: Coastline to Deep Sea' focuses on the significant challenges, from the shallowest waters around our coasts to the deepest subsea trenches, that face marine, subsea and oceanic engineers in their drive to understand the complexities of the world's oceans.

Topic areas include:

Challenges in Conservation, Restoration and Sustainability Sonar Signal/Image Processing and Communication Challenges for Marine Renewable Energy Ocean Observing Platforms, Systems and Instrumentation Challenges at the Biology/Technology Interface Air and Space Ocean Remote Sensing Challenges in Coastal and Deep Water Technology Ocean Data Visualisation, Modelling and Information Management Challenges Facing the Marine Defence Industry Marine Environment, Physical Oceanography and Meteorology Challenges for Marine Policy, Strategy and Education Subsea Optics, Imaging and e-m Systems Challenges for Light in the Sea - Marine Optics and Vision Marine Law, Policy, Management and Education Challenges in Ocean and Climate Science Offshore Structures and Technology Underwater Acoustics and Acoustical Oceanography

Abstract Submission Deadline: 15 December 2006 Student Poster Deadline: 15 December 2006 Tutorial Proposal Deadline: 15 December 2006

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