OES Electronic Newsletter Volume 3, Number 31

Faculty position in Advanced Ocean Systems
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering invites applications for a
tenure-track position in the area of Advanced Ocean Systems. The field of
Ocean Science & Engineering has entered an exciting new era with the
development and deployment of novel and advanced marine systems. The
requirements for these new systems are at the forefront of existing
technologies and are pushing and challenging our current knowledge and
capabilities. The demand for advanced systems comes from the energy
industry, the Navy, and the scientific community. Examples include large
deep-water offshore structures for oil and gas recovery; ultra high speed
surface vehicles; all-electric and automated ships; multiple, collaborating
autonomous underwater vehicles; and smart underwater robots and sensors. The
design and operation of these marine systems encompass all of the
fundamental disciplinary areas of Ocean Science & Engineering such as
Hydrodynamics, Acoustics, Weak Large Structures, Marine Instrumentation,
Robotics and Control, and stimulate synergistic advances and innovations in
all the disciplinary areas in Ocean Science & Engineering.

The successful candidate is expected to have expertise in one or more of the
following areas of marine systems: marine robotic systems, sub-sea and
floating offshore structures, ships and submersibles, including all-electric
vehicles, energy extraction devices operating in the ocean environment, and
oceanographic measurement systems and sensors. The sub-disciplines critical
to the design, analysis and operation of these advanced marine systems
include: simulation-based and experiment-driven system modeling and
synthesis; robotics and control; and hydrodynamics and fluid-structure
interactions for the design of ocean systems.

Applicants must hold a degree in engineering and a doctorate in a discipline
related to one or more of the above research topics. They must have
demonstrated an ability to pursue outstanding research, and a strong
commitment with a record of, or promise for, exceptional undergraduate and
graduate teaching. An appointment as assistant professor or associate
professor without tenure is desired, although more senior applicants may be

Applications should include a brief statement of research and teaching
interests, a C.V., complete contact information for three to five
individuals who are willing to provide a reference, and no more than five
publications. Applications received by January 16, 2007 will receive full
consideration. MIT is especially encouraging minorities and women to apply,
because of its strong commitment to diversity in engineering education,
research and practice. Applications should be mailed to: Chair of the
Advanced Ocean Systems Search Committee, Department of Mechanical
Engineering, MIT Room 3-173, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA
02139-4307 or to: ocean-mesearch06@mit.edu


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