OES Electronic Newsletter Volume 4, Number 1

Nominations for OES Technical Achievement Award

Request for Nominations for the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society Distinguished Technical Achievement Award for 2007

The IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society is seeking nominations from the Oceanic Engineering Society membership for the Oceanic Engineering Society Distinguished Technical Achievement Award for 2007.

The Distinguished Technical Achievement Award is presented to a member of the profession whose technical achievements in oceanic engineering are recognized by their peers. This award is the Oceanic Engineering Society's way of affording acknowledgement to the technical accomplishments of individuals who have produced and furthered the reputation for technical excellence currently enjoyed by the society. The last four Distinguished Technical Achievement Award recipients are:

2002          James Candy
2003          Georges Bienvenu
2004          John P. Craven
2005          Douglas C. Webb
2006          Fred N. Spiess

The Nominations Packet(s) for the Distinguished Technical Achievement Award should include a Letter of Nomination accompanied by a one page vita of the candidate and two letters of recommendation.

Nominations will be accepted through 15 April 2007.

Please submit nominations to the undersigned.

Thomas Freud Wiener, Sc.D., LSMIEEE
Chair, IEEE/OES Awards Committee
2403 Lisbon Lane
Alexandria VA 22306 USA
+1 703 768 9533

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