OES Electronic Newsletter Volume 4, Number 19

Current Measurement Technology Conference - Call for Papers

The 9th Working Conference on Current Measurement Technology will take place on March 17-19, 2008 in Charleston, South Carolina. Come join us celebrate our 30th year!

Abstract Deadline: November 15, 2008

Abstracts are being solicited in the following areas.

1 Operational Measurements of Currents and Waves
      1.1 Real Time Monitoring Systems
      1.2 Integrated Oceans Observing Systems (IOOS) Regional and Pilot Programs
      1.3 River Flow and Transport Measuring Techniques
      1.4 Other Operational Measurements
2 Direct Measurement Techniques
      2.1 Lagrangian Drifters and Floats
      2.2 Measurements from UUVs
      2.3 Acoustic Instruments and Profilers
      2.4 Mechanical and Electromagnetic Instrumentation
      2.5 Other Direct Measurements
3 Indirect Measurements
      3.1 HF Radar and Micro-Wave Radar
      3.2 Hydrography and Geostrophy
      3.3 Satellite Imagery and Altimetry
      3.4 Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
      3.5 Other Indirect Measurements
4 Renewable Energy and Offshore Power
      4.1 Current Generated Power
      4.2 Wave Generated Power
      4.3 Other Renewable Power Generation

For more information, go to www.cmtc2008.org

For information on other OES activities, go to http://www.oceanicengineering.org

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