OES Electronic Newsletter Volume 5, Number 11

EEE-USA Recognizes Winners of Online Engineering Video Scholarship Competition for Undergrads

Undergraduate engineering students from three universities have been recognized by IEEE-USA for their winning entries in the organization's first "How Engineers Make a World of Difference" online engineering video scholarship competition. On 21 February, during Engineers Week, IEEE-USA Communications Vice President Paul Kostek announced the winners of $6,000 in scholarship awards:
first prize ($2,500) to Ben Toler and Emile Frey, Louisiana Tech University, Ruston; second prize ($2,000) to Yilin Pei, University of Florida, Gainesville; and third prize ($1,500) to Samuel Chanjaplammootil, Kevin Hooper and Michael Jaco, Texas Tech University, Lubbock.

The three winning entries were deemed most effective in reinforcing for an 11-to-13-year-old audience how engineers are "cool" and improve the quality of life. The three-judge panel included: Andrew Quecan and Suzette Presas, electrical engineering graduate students and IEEE student members at the University of South Florida, Tampa; and Nate Ball, a mechanical engineer and host of PBS' "Design Squad." IEEE-USA will launch its '08-'09 online engineering video scholarship competition in September. To view the winning entries, go to http://www.ieeeusa.org/communications/video_competition/

CONTACT: Pender M. McCarter, Senior Public Relations Counselor, IEEE-USA/Washington, DC, +1 202-530-8353

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