OES Electronic Newsletter Volume 5, Number 22

Special Issue of JOE - Non-Rayleigh Reverberation and Clutter

Editors of the IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering announce an upcoming Special Issue on Non-Rayleigh Reverberation and Clutter. The intent of this special issue is to document progress in the field in the past half-decade since the April 2004 IEEE JOE Special Issue on the same topic.

Theoretical, modeling, data collection and analysis, and signal and information processing type manuscripts are encouraged in the following topic areas. .

clutter source modeling or data analysis . effect of scattering mechanisms and physics on clutter statistics . statistics of bistatic scattering .

effect of propagation and the sonar system on clutter statistics .

dependence of clutter and clutter statistics on bandwidth . sonar performance modeling in clutter-dominated areas . end-to-end clutter models:

linking physical scattering models to sonar performance . clutter mitigation in signal and information processing . clutter in distributed systems .

simulation of clutter data (source, hydrophone, beam, and sonar system levels)

Important Dates: . January 30, 2009: Manuscripts submitted before this date will be considered for publication in this special issue. . April 2010: Issue publication

For more information, contact the Guest Editors: Douglas A. Abraham CausaSci LLC 703-229-1651 abrahad@ieee.org


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