OES Electronic Newsletter Volume 5, Number 33

New OES Officers, effective January 1, 2009

At the AdCom Meeting on 15 Sept 2008, new officers were elected as follows. The 2-year terms of office will begin January 1, 2009.

President: Jerry Carroll Vice President for Technical Activities: Dr. Albert (Sandy) Williams III Vice President for Conference Operations: Dr. Rene Garello Secretary: Stephen Holt

Upon the election of Jerry Carroll as President, a vacancy was created in the office of Treasurer. The term of office for the new Treasurer will begin January 1, 2009, but will only last for the remainder of the exisiting term (1 year).

Treasurer: Dr. Diane DiMassa

The following officers will remain in their current positions. Vice President of Professional Activities: Dr. James Collins Vice President of Conference Development: Joseph Vadus Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Oceanic Engineering: Dr. Christian de Moustier

Also, on January 1, 2009 the succession of past Presidents will be: Junior Past President: James Barbera Senior Past President: Dr. Thomas Wiener

For information on other OES activities, go to http://www.oceanicengineering.org

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