OES Electronic Newsletter Volume 5, Number 40

Oceans 09 Bremen, May 11-14

The IEEE/OES announces Oceans 09 being held for the first time in Bremen Germany May 11-14, 2009. The Conference theme is:

*Balancing technology with future needs*

In addition to the standard technical topics, special topics for this conference include:
Ecology versus economy - finding the right balance Integrated coastal observing strategies Global observatory initiatives The ocean component for GEOSS Renewable Energy - offshore wind, solar and tidal energy conversion Advanced technologies for hydrocarbon and mineral resource exploration Estuary systems and Wadden areas in the North and Baltic Sea Marine Aquaculture Maritime security and surveillance

Additional aspects of the Conference will address the future generation of scientists and engineers: highschool students, undergraduates and Ph.D.
students from Universities.
There will also be a special forum to discuss the future impact of climatic changes on mankind.

Deadline for abstract submission: January, 11th. 2009

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