OES Electronic Newsletter Volume 6, Number 1

Request for Nominations to the Administrative Committee, Class of 2010

The IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society is governed by an Administrative Committee of 18 members. Six are elected each year to serve three-year terms. Members are limited to two consecutive terms, although they may be reelected after a lapse of one year. The Nomination and Appointments Committee is Chaired by the Junior Past President, with the Senior Past President and the most recently retired Senior Past President completing

the Committee. We are charged with proposing a slate of nominees and with conducting the election, which is done by mail to the entire membership.

Qualifications for Administrative Committee membership are membership in

the IEEE and OES, and a willingness to serve the oceanic engineering profession. We wish to have the Administrative Committee characteristics

reflect characteristics of the IEEE membership. We are particularly interested in increasing the Asian and European membership of the Committee.

I ask that each of you identify and nominate qualified candidates for the Administrative Committee. Self-nomination is encouraged.

The Nomination Packet should include a Letter of Nomination accompanied by a one page biographical sketch of the proposed candidate with picture

and a one-page statement from the proposed candidate giving his or her views of the opportunities and challenges facing the Society and steps to be taken to advance the IEEE Oceanographic Engineering Society. The election will be conducted in accordance with our Bylaws. You can read them by going to the Society's Web Site (www.oceanicengineering.org), and pointing to Bylaws 2006 under Governing Documents. The Bylaws specify that general nominations close on March 1, and nominations by petition close by April 15.

Please submit nominations to the undersigned. Please do not delay your efforts in finding and nominating qualified candidates.

James Barbera
Chair, IEEE/OES Nominations and Appointments Committee Address 13513 Crispin Way Rockville,MD 20853 USA Phone 1.301.460.4347 Email j.barbera@ieee.org

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