A History of OES

The IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society at 40

Oceanic Engineering Society Technology Committee, Unmanned Underwater Vehicles: Where have we been in the last 18 years and where are we going the next 18 years? Claude P. Brancart
Hanumant Singh
Underwater Optics and Imaging: Recent Advances Frank M. Caimi
Donna M. Kocak
Fraser Dalgleish
John Watson
Oceanic Engineering and Offshore Energy Production William M. Carey
Claude P. Brancart
Ocean Remote Sensing: A Challenge for the Future Bertrand Chapron
Rene Garello
David E. Weissman
Recent Advances in Underwater Acoustic Communications & Networking Mandar Chitre
Shiraz Shahabudeen
Lee Freitag
Milica Stojanovic
From the Stratton Plan to GEOSS: A Brief History of U.S. Ocean Policy Joseph Czika
Craig McLean
History of Environmental Acoustics: 1960's to 2000's Timothy F. Duda
Allan D. Pierce
Underwater Acoustic Technology: Review of Some Recent Developments Kenneth G. Foote
The International Submarine Races (ISR): The First 19 Years and the Next 19 Years and Beyond Nancy Riegle Hussey
Claude P. Brancart
Sensing Shallow Seafloor and Sediment Properties: Recent History Michael M. Harris
Williams E. Avera
Andrei Abelev
Frank W. Bentrem
L. Dale Bibee
Unmanned Surface Vehicles: Fifteen Years of Development Justin E. Manley
Development of Japanese Scientific Cable Technology Hitoshi Mikada
Kenichi Asakawa
Creation and Operation of a Global Earth Observation System of Systems Jay S. Pearlman
Stephen M. Holt
Christoph Waldmann
Advances in Information Processing in Oceans Technology: A 40 Year Review Vincent William Porto
Spalding History of Undersea Telecommunications Technology Ronald J. Rapp
Marsha A. Spalding
Technology of Water Flow Measurements Represented by Thirty Years of CMTC Albert J. Williams 3rd
Malcom L. Heron
Steven P. Anderson