Planning an Event

The IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society sponsors a number of workshops and symposia each year and is looking for new workshop/symposium topics and individuals to organize them.  For those interested in organizing an OES sponsored workshop/symposium an outline of the requirements is presented below.   



Requirements to organize and conduct an OES Sponsored Workshop or Symposium

1)   The Workshop/Symposium Chair must be an IEEE OES member in good standing

2)   Any prior workshops/symposia conducted by the Workshop/Symposia Chair must be closed in the eyes of the IEEE and the OES prior to the request for OES sponsorship of a new workshop/symposia

3)   The Workshop/Symposium Chair must submit a request to the OES for approval to conduct an OES sponsored  workshop or symposium

a.    The request must be submitted to the OES Workshop and Symposium Coordinator (ieeeoes.workshop@gmail.com)

b.    The OES Workshop/Symposium coordinator will present a motion to conduct the requested workshop/symposium to the AdCom

c.    The request must be received 6 weeks prior to the AdCom meeting held at least one year before the planned workshop/symposium

d.   The request must include:

                                         i.    Name of the workshop/symposium

                                        ii.    Date the workshop/symposium will be held

                                       iii.    Location of the workshop/symposium

                                      iv.    List of workshop/symposium committee members, their workshop job and contact information

                                        v.    Number of attendees expected

                                      vi.    Number of presentations expected

                                     vii.    Type of sponsorship requested of the OES

1.   Technical

a.    Note: Beginning in January 2016, IEEE technically co-sponsored events, or their IEEE Organizational Unit (OU), will be charged a fee of $1000 plus $15 per paper sent to IEEE Xplore®.   The OES AdCom will determine, on a case by case basis, how these costs will be shared by the workshop/symposium and the OES.

2.   Financial

                                    viii.    Type and amount of funding requested from the OES if financial sponsorship is desired

1.   Seed money (money is returned to the OES at the conclusion of the event)

2.   Grant (money is not returned to the OES at the conclusion of the event)

3.   Student attendance

4.   Other (please specify)

                                      ix.    Budget with best case, nominal and worst case forecasts

                                        x.    Method used to select presentations

1.   Review of submitted abstracts

2.   Other (please specify)

                                      xi.    Will papers be generated by this workshop

1.   If yes, will they be loaded into IEEE Xplore®

2.   If yes, will any of the papers be expanded to full length articles suitable for publication in JOE

                                     xii.    What tools will be used for abstract and paper submission, registration and secure payment of fees

                                    xiii.    Benefits to the OES for sponsoring this workshop/symposium

4)   The OES Workshop/Symposium Coordinator will notify the Chair of the proposed workshop/symposium of the AdCom’s decision

5)   If the AdCom approves the proposed workshop/symposium, the chair of the workshop/symposium or their designee must

a.    Within one month of the AdCom approval, complete and submit an IEEE Conference Application to the IEEE. 

                                         i.    This form is often referred to as the ICX.

                                        ii.    This form is completed on-line

                                       iii.    An example of the ICX can be viewed at: http://www.ieee.org/conferences_events/conferences/organizers/icx_conferences_app_screenshots.pdf

                                      iv.    The link to the actual ICX application is located at: http://www.ieee.org/conferences_events/conferences/organizers/conf_app.html

                                        v.    Save a copy of this form for your records

                                      vi.    Contact the OES Workshop/Symposium Coordinator if you have any questions regarding the completion of this form (ieeeoes.workshop@gmail.com).

b.    The approval of a workshop/symposium by the IEEE, and its generation of a registration number for the event, triggers activation of additional forms that need to be completed ASAP.  All of the forms in this section (b.) should be completed and submitted to the IEEE at least 8-9 months prior to the start of the workshop/symposium.

                                         i.    Send a copy of the ICX and approval to the OES Workshop/Symposium Coordinator (ieeeoes.workshop@gmail.com).

                                        ii.    Complete and submit the IEEE Conference Publication Form.  The link is located at:http://www.ieee.org/conferences_events/conferences/organizers/conf_app.html?appName=Publication

1.   Keep a copy of the form and send a copy to the OES Workshop/Symposium Coordinator (ieeeoes.workshop@gmail.com).

                                       iii.    The Workshop/Symposium Chair and the Treasurer must each complete a Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement.  The link to this form is : http://www.ieee.org/about/corporate/compliance/coiandpob.html

1.   Keep a copy of the form and send a copy to the OES Workshop/Symposium Coordinator (ieeeoes.workshop@gmail.com).

                                      iv.    When there are two or more sponsors of a workshop/symposium a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) containing the basic, technical and financial information about the workshop/symposium is automatically generated and sent to the workshop sponsors.  The Workshop/Symposium Chair should follow up with each sponsor to ensure that the forms have been completed.

1.   A Fiscal MOU (formerly Banking MOU) is required when conference related funds are held in an account where IEEE does not have access.  Fiscal MOU’s are NOT created automatically through the ICXThe document is located at: http://www.ieee.org/conferences_events/conferences/organizers/fiscal_MOU.html.  Completed forms should be sent to Teresa Sacks, t.sacks@ieee.org and to the OES Workshop/Symposium Coordinator (ieeeoes.workshop@gmail.com)

                                        v.    Complete the IEEE Conference Financial Reporting form.  Send a copy to the OES Treasurer for review prior to submitting to the IEEE.  This online form allows submission of the workshop/symposium budget, forecast and actual finance and compliance information to IEEE.  The link to the form is located at: http://www.ieee.org/conferences_events/conferences/organizers/conf_app.html?pageType=finance

1.   Keep a copy of the form and send a copy to the OES Workshop/Symposium Coordinator (ieeeoes.workshop@gmail.com)

c.    For each year that the workshop/symposium is active (i.e. approved in 2015 but held in 2016) the Workshop/Symposium Treasurer or Chair must complete the 1099 and 1042 Schedule of Payments Worksheet and submit it to the IEEE.  The spreadsheet is located at: http://www.ieee.org/conferences_events/conferences/organizers/conference_organizer_quick_links.html 

                                         i.    Keep a copy of the form and send a copy to Teresa Sacks,  t.sacks@ieee.org and to the OES Workshop/Symposium Coordinator (ieeeoes.workshop@gmail.com)

d.   At the conclusion of the workshop/symposium the Conference Chair and Treasurer must complete the Certificate of Accuracy to close the workshop/symposium.  The link to this form is located at: http://www.ieee.org/conferences_events/conferences/organizers/conference_organizer_quick_links.html

                                         i.    Closure of the workshop/symposium should occur within 6 months of the conclusion of the event.

                                        ii.    Keep a copy of the form and send a copy to the OES Workshop/Symposium Coordinator (ieeeoes.workshop@gmail.com



1)   The workshop/symposium chair or their designee is responsible for advertising the event.

a.    Obtain the latest IEEE/OES logo from the OES Workshop/Symposia Coordinator and use it on all advertising.

b.    Obtain a URL and set up a website.  The site can be hosted by the OES if desired.  Contact the OES Workshop/Symposium Coordinator for assistance (ieeeoes.workshop@gmail.com).

c.    Design flyers for the different stages of the workshop/symposium (i.e. Call for Papers, Early Registration, General Registration …) and give to VP Professional Activities for distribution at member recruitment events

d.   Publicize in:

                                                 i.    OES Beacon (published 4 times/year)

                                                ii.    OES calendar

                                               iii.    OES eNews

                                              iv.    Trade magazines (Sea Technology, Ocean News and Technology, Hydro International, Marine Technology Reporter, International Ocean News, etc.)

                                                v.    OES email list (done through Veraprise)



1)   Submission of abstracts and papers should be done on-line. 

2)   When a paper is submitted, the author must sign an IEEE Copyright Form.  This can be done electronically.  Go to: http://www.ieee.org/conferences_events/conferences/organizers/conf_app.html?pageType=finance to view the form and learn how to set up electronic submission.

3)   The payment of registration fees must be done using a secure payment site.

4)   The OES has developed a suite of tools for abstract and paper submission, author notification, and registration.  These modules can be used by OES sponsored workshops/symposium for a fee.  Contact the OES Workshop/Symposium Coordinator (ieeeoes.workshop@gmail.com)  for details.