OCEANS'11 Santander


The judges are, from left to right: by Dr. Ellen S. Livingston, Associate Director, Ocean and Underseas Science, U.S. Office of Naval Research Global: Dr. Rene Garello; Dr. Christophe Sintes; and Dr. Jose Luis Arteche, Chair of the Student Posters.


The 28th Student Poster Program of the OCEANS Conferences was held at OCEANS 2011 SANTANDER Spain June 6-9, 2011. Once again the program was technically very interesting and well appreciated by the student participants as well as those attending the Conference. The Student Poster Program was organized by Dr. Jose Luis Arteche, Senior Scientist, Spanish Meteorological Agency. He was assisted by Dr. Christophe Sintes, Telecom-Bretagne, France. The program was supported by funding from ONR Global which enabled the students to attend the conference. The Conference provided the Student Participants with full registration for all events. Forty student poster abstracts were received and twenty students were invited to participate. Ten abstracts were received from the United States, ten from Asian countries, and twenty from European countries. Unfortunately only fourteen students were able to attend and present their posters. The posters were displayed in a section of the Exhibition Hall and received a lot of attention during the breaks and at lunch time when the students were at their posters.

The students were assembled on Monday afternoon for instructions and each of them introduced themselves and made a short presentation on the goals of their research and the background of their poster. Then before the ice breaker a short aperitif was organized for all the students to meet and mingle as a group. The posters were judged by a team of six judges who were very busy during the event. At the Gala Dinner all of the Student Poster participants were introduced. After a short introduction by Pr. Rene’ Garello of Telecom Bretagne, the awards were announced. The awards were presented to the students by Dr. Ellen S. Livingston, Associate Director, Ocean and Underseas Science, U.S. Office of Naval Research Global, Dr. Jose Luis Arteche, Chair of the Student Poster Competition and Dr. Christophe Sintes. The winning students were:




1st Place
Sarab Tay – Telecom Bretagne, France

2nd Place
Gregory Julien – IFREMER, France
Isabel Caballero – Andalusian Institute of Marine Sciences, Spain

3rd Place
Hector Fabian Guarnizo Mendez – Telecom Bretagne, France
Fredrico Traverso – University of Genoa, Italy
Yanira Guanche – Cantabria University, Spain

Following the awards presentations the audience was asked to give the students a round of applause. The students were announced as members of the “OCEANS Student Poster Alumni Association” The audience was also invited to visit the posters and review the great work by all of the students. The students were all invited to receive a membership in the IEEE/OES. The roster of students and their poster titles is:

Yanira Guanche, Water and Environmental Sciences and Techniques Department, Canabria University, Spain
“A multivariate approach to estimate design loads for offshore wind turbines”

Jacob Izraelevitz, Franklin Olin College of Engineering, USA
“Optimal Trajectory Generation for Draped AUV Gravity Surveys”

Hector Fabian Guarnizo Mendez, Telecom-Bretagne, France

Hans Christian Woithe, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA
“Using Slocum Gliders for Coordinated Spatial Sampling”

Gregory Julien, IFREMER and Collaboration with the French National Center for Scientic Research, France
“A comparison between the classical Pulse Compression and the improved WV-SMF-PC on IFREMER sea trial signals”

Sarab Tay, Telecom-Bretagne, France
“Near Sea Surface Target Tracking by Extended Kalman Filtering of the GPS Reflected Signals”

Jian Cui, Kobe University Graduate School of Maritime Sciences, Japan
“Ocean Wave Observation by GPS Signal”

Federico Traverso, Department of Biophysical and Electronic Engineering, University of Genoa, Italy
“Tuning the performance of the superdirective frequency-invariant beamforming applied to end-fire arrays”

Mark Van Middlesworth, Harvard University/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, USA
“A Heterogoneous Rapid-Turnaround Visualization Package for AUV Data”

Isabel Caballero, Andalusian Institute of Marine Sciences and the High Conseil for Scientific Research in Cadiz, Spain
“Dynamics of turbidity plume in the Guadalquivir estuary (SW Spain): A remote sensing approach”

Meng Cai, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA
“Passive Acoustic Detection of a Small Remotely Operated Vehicle”

Kyung Woon Lee, Korea University of Seoul, Republic of Korea

Pauline Vincent, Telecom-Bretagne, France
“Doppler Effect of Bathymetry using Frequency Modulated Multibeam Echo Sounders”

Pablo Pla Caro, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain
“Unmanned localization of sperm whales in realistic scenarios”