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The twenty fifth Student Poster Program of the OCEANS Conference series was held in Biloxi, MS as a part of OCEANS ’09 MTS/IEEE BILOXI.  The program was organized by Prof. Stephan Howden of the University of Southern Mississippi and Greg Eisman of SAIC.  The program was funded by grants from the Office of Naval Research, SAIC, Mississippi Technical Alliance, and the Deep Sea Power and Light.  Forty three poster abstracts were received and thirty four were accepted for presentation. Two invited students from China were unable to attend, however their posters were displayed. One other student was away on a scheduled research assignment and was unable to attend. The students came from Australia, Canada, Egypt, Germany, Korea, Portugal and the United States.  Thirty one posters were on display and wonderfully located in the corridor between the exhibit area and the conference session.  This enable the conference attendees to pass through them in their way to the meeting rooms.

The judging was completed by noon on Wednesday and the awards were presented at the Gala in the Beau Rivage hotel that evening.  Prof. Howden called on the students on stage and presented each student with a certificate for their participation in the program. Colonel Norman D. Miller, the OES Student Activities Coordinator was called up to present the awards.  The audience gave the students a big hand following the awards presentations.  The session ended with a photograph session in the lobby.  The roster of students and their poster titles is:

Ame Arakaki – University of Hawaii at Manoa
“Harnessing the SHM of Ocean Waves”

Nicholas Asseff – Florida Atlantic University
“Design an Finite Element Analysis of an Ocean Current Turbine Blade”

John Bandas – Texas A&M University
“The Design of a Self-propelled Jack-up Drilling Rig for the Chukchi Sea”

Stephan Barkby – Australian Centre fir Field Robotics
“Incorporating Prior Bathymetric Maps with Distributed Particle Bathymetric SLAM for Improved AUV Navigation and Mapping”

Becky Baxter – Georgetown University
“Polarimetric Remote Sensing of Ocean Waves”

Samuel Bingham – University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
“Design of an ROV for Precision Sea Floor Vehicle Mobility and Entry in the 2009 MATE International ROV Competition”

Clint Dunbar – Texas A&M University
“Texas A&M Student Design Project – East Central Gulf of Mexico Truss Spar”

Sarah Epps – University of Southern Mississippi
“Distribution of Suspended Particulate Matter in the Surface Waters of the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Interim Report”

Girges Fath-Allah – Alexandria University, Egypt
“A New Reliable Minimal Volume/Weight Environmental Friendly Power Unit Design Using Microchannel Vaporizer Fuel Cell Processors and Slice Hulls for Super and Mega Yachts”

Bruno Ferreira – Engineering of University of Porto, Portugal
“Modeling and Motion Analysis of the MARES Autonomous Underwater Vehicle”

Aaron Fisher – Florida Atlantic University
“Adaptive Control of Small Outboard-Powered Boats for Survey Applications”

Rowan Fox – Institute of Ocean Sciences – University of Victoria, Canada
“Slocum Glider Observations during the Spring Bloom in the Strait of Georgia”

Thomas Furfaro – Florida Atlantic University
“Design, Construction and Initial Testing of an Autonomous Surface Vehicle for Riverine and Coastal Reconnaissance”

Valerie Hartman – University of Southern Mississippi
“The Impact of hypoxia on bioturbation rates in the Louisiana continental shelf, northern Gulf of Mexico”

Xiaodong Kang – Shenyang Institute of Automation, China
“Fuzzy logic based behavior fusion for multi-AUV formation keeping in uncertain ocean environment”

YoungBum Kim – Inha University, Korea
“Application Scenario of Nautical Ad-hoc Network for Maritime Communications”

William Kirkey – Clarkson University
“Long-Term Deployment of Liquid-Cooled High Frequency (HF) Radar”

Justin Lorio – Florida Atlantic University
“Design of a Next Generation Surface Piercing Propeller Test Stand”

Virgilio Maisonet – University of Southern Mississippi
“Measuring Coastal Sea-Surface Salinity of the Louisiana Shelf from Aerially Observed Ocean Color”

Joule Mikhael – Alexandria University, Egypt
“Minimal Fuel Consumption and Highly Maneuverable Marine Vessels Designed Based on ASAP Hull Technology  and Sontag  Non-linear Feedback Stabilization”

Ruth Mullins – Texas A&M University
“Real-time Environmental Monitoring from a Wind Farm Platform in the Texas Hypoxic Zone”

Julia O’Hern – Texas A&M University
“Marine Mammal Habitat in Ecuador: Seasonal Abundance and Environmental Distribution”

Chudong Pan – University of Southern Mississippi
“A Preliminary Study of the Influence of Regional Winds on Bering Strait Transport”

Allison Penko – University of Florida
“Mixture Theory Model Sensitivity to Effectiveness Viscosity in Simulations of Sandy Bedform Dynamics”

Miguel Pinto – Engineering University of Porto, Portugal
“Using Side Scan Sonar to Relative Navigation”

Shanshan Ren – University of Southern Mississippi
“Using Qdot conjugations to detect proteins in situ in highly autofluorescent cyanobacterial cells”

David Rosenfield – University of Southern Mississippi
“Using Acoustic Tomography to Monitor Deep Ocean Currents in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico”

Patrick Rynne – Florida Atlantic University
“Visual-Based Navigation of an Autonomous Tugboat”

Shivakumar Shivarudrappa – University of Southern Mississippi
“Benthic Community Response to Hypoxia: Baseline Data”

Marcia Silva – Great Lakes Water Institute
“Application of an automatic event-controlled sampler for biological analysis and monitoring: studies on plume tracking in Milwaukee Harbor, Wisconsin”

Nina Stark – MARUM – University of Bremen
“Geotechnical investigations of sandy seafloors using dynamic penetrometers”

Maria Stefanovich – Oregon State University
“Wave energy and public opinion in Oregon, U.S.A.”

Dennis Waldron – Lafayette College,  Pennsylvania
“Underwater Optical Ranging: A Hybrid LIDAR-RADAR”

Baoju  Wu – Shenyand Institute of Automation, CAS, China
“ARC Navigation and Control System at Arctic Research”


Student Poster Student Competition Winners

The posters were judged by the judging team on Tuesday andWednesday  morning.  The scores were collected and Prof. Howden and Colonel Miller reviewed the results and selected the winners as follows:

            1stPlace  -  Dennis Waldron

             2ndPlace– Virgilio Maisonet

-- Ruth Mullins

            3rdPlace– Justin Lorio

-- Allison Penko

-- Patrick Rynne  

Each student received a round of applause as they received their award.  Once again the quality of the poster presentations was outstanding and the research work covered a wide spectrum.  All of the students expressed their appreciation for being invited to the Conference and made good use of their time to attend sessions and view the exhibits as well as being at their posters at the appointed times.

Norman D. Miller, P.E.
Student Activities Coordinator