OCEANS'09 Bremen


The twenty fourth Student Poster Program of the Conference Series was held in Bremen, Germany as a part of OCEANS’09IEEEBREMEN. Once again there were many outstanding posters representing a wide variety of work. Once again the students came from Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, Canada and the UK and the United States. Fifty nine student poster abstracts were received and twenty students were selected to present their posters. Two students did not show up and one was late in arriving. However eighteen posters were displayed and judged. The posters were located in a good location in the Exhibition Hall. As you entered the hall, the posters were off to you right and immediately caught your attention.


Student Poster Student withNorm Miller.jpg


The Poster program began with a briefing and review of the rules on Tuesday morning. Each student then gave a short description of the poster to the fellow students and judges. Following the Opening Plenary Session the posters were mounted in their assigned places and the program began. Once again the program was supported by a financial grant from the U.S. Navy Office of Naval Research. The climax of the program came on Wednesday evening at the gala reception in the Old Town Hall. This magnificent room was a fitting way to honor the students for their work and participation in this program. The students assembled in front of the podium and were introduced by Mr. Norman D. Miller, IEEE/OES Student Activities Coordinator. Mr. Miller gave a brief history of the program and then announced the winning posters. Dr. Martina Patzold in turn gave the award Certificate to Dr. Christoph Waldmann and he gave it to the student. At the completion of the Awards ceremony all of the students received a round of applause for their work. Many photos were taken and congratulations abounded.



Norm Miller with students S.Madhusudhana, A.Bodenmann, T.Insua




The roster of students and their poster titles are:


Marcos Sastre – University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

“Backscattering of Sound from Salinity Fluctuations: Measurements off a Coastal River Estuary”


Thibaut Lurton – Telecom Bretagne, France

“Simulation of the Radar Observations of a Sea Patch using the TLM Electromagnetic Methods”


Sabine Graf – University of Bath, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

“Acoustic Modeling of Dolphin Sound Reception and Implications for Biosonar Design”


Ismael Aymerich – University of Marine Technology (UTM-CSIC) Spain

“Fast phytoplankton classification from fluorescence spectra: comparison between PSVM and SOM” 


David Sarria – Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), SARTI Spain

“Control and acquisition system design for an Expandable Seafloor Observatory (OBSEA)”


Mathew Johnson-Roberson – University of Sydney

“Fast phytoplankton classification from fluorescence spectra: comparison between PSVM and SOM”


Adrian Bodenmann – The University of Tokyo

“Visual Mapping of Internal Pipe Walls using Sparse Features for Application on board Autonomous Underwater Vehicles”


Shyam Kumar Madhusudhana – San Diego State University

“Blue Whale B and D Call Classification Using a Frequency Domain Based Robust Contour Extractor”


Grant Pusey – Curtin University of Technology – Australia

“Analysis of acoustic modem performance for long range horizontal data transmission”


Valentin Soulenq – ISEN, Toulon, France

“A voice recognition system for a submarine piloting” 


Marcel Farre’ – University of Bremen, MARUM

“Sensor Network based on IEEE 1451 for ocean sensors”


Mohamed Abdel-Salam – Alexandria University, Faculty of Engineering

“Designing high speed monohull small crafts (HSMSC) using neural networks guided CFD based optimization”


Hermann Bertram – Bremen University, MARUM

“Developing and IDE interface for the SNAP module”


Saad Sharaf – Alexandria University, Faculty of Engineering

“WCLES: An innovative environmental friendly combustionless engine for marine applications based on low-current electrolysis technology”


Midori Shimizu – Kobe University

“Correction Method for Buoy Oscillation by Three GPS Receivers”


Yanzhe Fu – Jacobs University, Bremen

“Forward modeling of paleo heat flow: a case study of Kristin Field, Mid-Norwegian continental shelf”


Yusuke Yamane – Kobe University

“Improvement for Detection Distance of Sonar by Flat Acoustic Reflector”


Tanio Lado – University of Rhode Island

“Offshore mussel aquaculture: new of just renewed?”


Student Poster Winners



The Judging Team met Wednesday afternoon to review the results and select the winning posters. After some deliberation the winning posters were selected as follows:


First Place – Thibaut Lurton


Student Poster 1st Place Winner Congratulated by Norm Miller


2nd Place - Marcos Sastre

                     Shyam Kumar Madhusudhana


3rd Place – Valentin Soulenq

                      Grant Pusey

                      Ismael Aymerich


Once again the Student Poster Session was highly successful and the students and conference attendees all gained from the experience.

Gallery of OCEANS ’09 IEEE Bremen Student Posters